The Kurds A Nation Of Genocides
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ISBN: 978-91-86139-71-1

The history of the Kurds is a history of deportation, massacres, and genocides. The Dêrsim massacre, Halabja chemical bombing, and Anfal Campaign are the most famous examples. They are steps in a long process which started from 1839 when the autonomous Kurdish emirates were crushed by the Tanzimat program in the Ottoman state.

This book presents an analysis of the Kurdish genocide process; how it has affected the Kurdish society? In the 1920s, the Kurds were at a proto-national level, moving towards national unity. But the genocides and partition of Kurdistan stopped this process. As a consequence, there was a movement back towards tribal and local rules, which aided Turkish and Iraqi governance of North and South Kurdistan.

The process of cultural and linguistic genocide still continues in North Kurdistan. In the South Kurdistan, there is, at this time, the danger of a new genocide in the Disputed Territories, especially in Kirkuk and Mosul.

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