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Erbil (Hawler)
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Erbil (also known as Arbil, Irbil, ancient Arbela, Hawler, Hewler) is the largest ciry and regional capital of the Kurdistan Region. It is located approximately in the center of teh Kurdistan Region and has about 879,000 inhabitants. The Erbil Governorate has a permanent population of 2,009,367 as of 2015. Settlement in Erbil cabn be dated to at least 6000 BC and is considered one of the oldest continuosly inhabited cities of the world. At the heart of the city is the ancient Citadel of Erbil. The earliest historical reference to the region dates to the Third Dynasty of Ur of Sumer, when King Shulgi mentioned the city of Urbilum. The city was later conquered by the Assyrians. Erbil became an integral part of the kingdom of Assyria by the 21st century BC through to the end of the seventh century BC, after it was captured by the Gutians, and it was known in Assyrian annals variously as Urbilim, Arbela and Arba-ilu.

Getting Around

Most usual way to get around with is taxis and hired cars. Taxis are plentiful and relatively inexpensive, especially during the day and are quite easily found. There are also several car rental companies, which provide a car and driver if desired.

Beautiful Parks and Nature

On the western side of Erbil is the largets public park in the Kurdistan Region called Martyr Sami Abdulrahman park, and perhaps the Middle East itself. This massive park is dedicated to the former Deputy Prime Minister of the KRG, Sami Abdulrahman, who was killed at age of 71 in a February 2004 suicide bombing. Another big park south of the citadel behind Sawwaf Mosque is Shanidar Park.


There are several bars and even a small slot-machine casino and American style Sport's Bar in the suburb of Ankawa where one can watch international sport events. Coffee shops abound throughout the city both local and International- and are favorite gathering places for locals and expats alike.

Top Attractions

´╗┐Citadel of Erbil


Choli Minaret

Sami Abdulrahman Park

Kurdish textile Museum

Shanidar Park

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